Gabriel Kuettel

About Me

Fullstack Web Developer | Graphic & Motion Designer | 2019

Hi! My name is Gabriel Kuettel. I’m a full stack web developer with a background in graphic design, branding and marketing.

I have a knack for designing and developing robust and user-friendly applications and websites using modern build tools.

I cut my teeth as a developer and designer working for Gold Standard, a non-profit focused on reducing carbon emissions by certifying climate and sustainable development projects. I spearheaded the ‘digitization’ of their standard, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, by building the Project Developer portal - an online portal for technical documentation, training videos, and additional resources, used by over 1,700 climate and sustainable development projects.

In my free time, I’m working on gitCamp - an open-source collaboration platform for students built using the github API.

Looking for someone to build blazing fast, scalable, and intuitive web apps for your business or non-profit? Let’s talk!

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