Gabriel Kuettel

GS4GG Portal

Fullstack Web App | Wordpress/PHP, ACF, Adobe Muse | 2017

gabriel kuettel gs4gg

Purpose-built portal for technical documentation, training videos, and additional resources used by 1,700 climate projects.

Project Background

Gold Standard certifies climate and sustainable development projects by requiring project developers to adhere to standards and guidelines. Before the launch of their new standard, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, project developers were required to manually sift through hundreds of pages of technical documentation in PDF and paper format in order to understand the standard requirements and apply for certification. This presented a significant burden and time sink for Gold Standard’s project developers.

To address this problem, I proposed the ‘digitization’ of the standard by creating an online portal where project developers could view, search, categorize, and download all of Gold Standard’s technical documentation in a flexible and interactive format, as well as access training videos and additional resources. In addition, the team in charge of maintaining and updating the standard could make updates directly using a Wordpress CMS, rather than manually editing and re-publishing PDF and Word files.

Working together with the standards team, I built the Gold Standard Standards Document Portal, which is currently in use by all project developers seeking to certify their projects under Gold Standard’s next-generation standard, Gold Standard for the Global Goals.

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Built With

I developed the portal using Wordpress/PHP and Advanced Custom Fields to handle the business logic. I built the frontend template from the ground-up using a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Adobe Muse. The portal is deployed to a Virtual Private Server running a traditional LAMP stack.


  • View, categorize, search, and download technical documentation
  • View training videos
  • Access up-to-date information on fees, FAQs, and additional information
  • Backed by a Wordpress CMS, technical teams can update and organize standards documents, videos, and other resources