Gabriel Kuettel


Fullstack Web App | Node, Express, Mongoose, Passport, React, Material-UI | 2019

gabriel kuettel gitcamp

Project collaboration platform built using the GitHub API

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Project Background

When I was learning to code, I loved teaming up with people to create amazing applications using exciting new technologies. However, collaborating using git-based workflows can be overwhelming and frustrating for students and beginners. That’s why I created gitCamp.

GitCamp provides a streamlined intro to git-based collaboration by allowing users to create projects, invite collaborators, and create, manage, and assign tasks on an easy-to-use platform. Featuring full integration with github’s API, all activities are mirrored on users’ github profiles - for example, creating a new gitCamp project also initializes a new repository on github and tasks open new issues - allowing them to seamlessly transition to github when they’re ready.

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Built With

I built gitCamp using Node and Express for the backend, PassportJS and github OAuth for authentication, Mongoose as an ODM for the MongoDB database, and React for a dynamic user experience.


  • Create and manage projects
  • Add, edit, delete tasks, and organize them by category.
  • Projects and tasks are synced to github as repositories and issues
  • View and invite mutual followers ('friends') to collaborate